Cosplay GEN #03 PRVIEW
Cosplay GEN #03 never gets tired of celebrating our global cosplay multiverse with interviews & profiles of cosplayers and photographers alike. Close encounters with Hydeaoi (CN), Lina Lau (UK), OMI GIBSON (JP), TASHA (KR), Cvy (SG), Calssara (DE), Sushi Monster (US), Pixelninja (SE), VickyBunnyAngel (CA), DEES (HK), LennethXVII (SG), Cyril Lumboy (PH) and Ryoko (RU); Eric Ng (US), and Acksonl (CA), among others!
Sword tutorial from Harrison Krix, Rainer Tachibana‘s make-up magic teaching you to bite like Kaname Kuran (Vampire Knight), a limited edition bonus set A2 poster (feat. Hydeaoi’s Hatsune Miku/Spacy Nurse/Love Ward version and Cvy’s Kagamine Rin Meltdown Remix), underwater cosplay photography + a revelry of cinematic effects.
Cosplay GEN #03: Calssara (DE)
Cosplay GEN #03: Sushi Monster (US)
Cosplay GEN #03: Pixelninja (SE)
Cosplay GEN #03: Acksonl (CA)
Cosplay GEN #03: Sword-making Tutorial – Cassandra’s Sword by Harrison Krix (US)
Cosplay GEN #03: Eric Ng / Bigwhitebazooka (US)
Cosplay GEN #03: OMI GIBSON (JP)
Cosplay GEN #03: Lolita – From Dainty Doll to Pastel Princess by Cyril Lumboy (PH)
Cosplay GEN #03: Lina Lau (UK/HK)
Cosplay GEN #03: DEES (HK-CN)
Cosplay GEN #03: VickyBunnyAngel (CA)
Cosplay GEN #03: LennethXVII (SG)
Cosplay GEN #03: Cinematic Photography by William Wong aka Rescend
Cosplay GEN #03: TASHA (KR)
Cosplay GEN #03: Make-Up Tutorial: Vampire Knight’s Kaname Kuran by RainerTachibana
Cosplay GEN #03: Ryoko (RU)
Cosplay GEN #03: Cvy’s Kagamine Rin Meltdown Remix
Cosplay GEN #03: A2 POSTER – Hydeaoi’s Hatsune Miku (Spacy Nurse/Love Ward version)
Massive thanks to all our friends, readers and contributors for making it possible!
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